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KONZI // GoreCrusher European Tour – Gutalax – Spasm – uvm.

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“We decided to combine worlds biggest, successful and most legendary Goregrindbands and bring them out to Europe for a 10 day bonecrushing nightliner tour through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Gutalax already toured with Spasm in 2012 and with Guineapig in 2016. Together with Squirtophobic which will rise again just for this tour, Cross Crew Bookings and Munich Metal Massacre is bringing all these bands out on the street together for a perfect meal of pure Goregrind.”

☠☠☠- GUTALAX -☠☠☠

Since more than 8 years the crazy Czech quintet is shitting all over the world. After 3 released albums, tons of merchandise, non countable shows in every corner and a Live BluRay the band comes back to hit Europe together with some friends. This is not their first headliner tour but definitely the most legendary one.

Hometown: Kremze, CZ
Members: Maty, Kebap, Free, Kohy, Kojas

☠☠☠- SPASM -☠☠☠

16 years all in all these 3 Gigolos are grinding around already. 4 Full Lenghts, bunch of video clips, live shows at well known festivals everywhere and a new drummer complete their history.
The band knows how to change between aggressive Gore and groovy Parts to set every audience on fire. Their special stage costume is well known and on this tour Spasm will co-headline with Gutalax.

Hometown: Kojetin/Brno, Czech Republic
Members: Sam, Rudy, Radim

☠☠☠- GUINEAPING -☠☠☠

Members of UxMxCx, Rabid Dogs and SBS are playing in guineapig and you can call them a reincarnation of old CBT. Bulldozing bondage gore with gurgling voice and deep tuned guitar including slow motion banging. These Italians know how to set up a great party and were already on tour with Gutalax last year. Be prepared for Gore.

Hometown: Rome, Italy
Members: Fra, Alessio, Giancarlo


Squirtophobic were founded in 2008. Till their ending in 2015 they played in several countries in Europe with major bands. Some line Up changes and time went by, OEF was played, they decided to lay the name down and end an era. After almost a year they will come back for this tour and opens for 3 great bands, their long time friends. Squirtophobic is still dead but walking.

Hometown: Vienna/Munich
Members: Flo, Richie, Markus, Peter



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